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Aerith Cosplay Sketchies by roxasandnaminelove Aerith Cosplay Sketchies by roxasandnaminelove
So I don't know why I've still been obsessed with Disney crossovers (maybe because I'm still going on song marathons, thank you, youtube) but after listening to God Help the Outcasts for the fifth time, I realized I could so totally see Aerith singing that song. Then I got to thinking what other Disney girls she was like and then this came to be :meow:
I saw them like this:
1) Belle- This one should be obvious, they look like each other. You don't see it? Look up a picture of belle and then imagine Aerith with her bangs pulled back into her ponytail like that. Both are brunette, both have green eyes (though in the movie Belle's constantly going from green to brown to hazel) and both want adventure in their lives. Belle wanted to leave her village for somewhere exciting and new, and Aerith wanted to explore the world beyond the plate to escape Shin-Ra like her mother said she would and to, like Belle, just see the world. In the Kingdom Hearts manga (I can't remember if she does in the game too >.<) Aerith is the smart bookworm who does the research on Ansem for the Traverse Town gang. I could imagine if she had had free time, she most likely would have read for fun as Belle did (just imagine, an eight year old Aerith reading to a seven year old Cloud in the library, sitting in the middle of piles and piles of books!!! :heart: ) Another reason I could see Aerith as Belle is because she can see past the Beast's appearance and into his heart, much like Aerith can see past Cloud's 'I'm a SOLDIER first class' story and see the real him struggling behind Zack.
2) Ariel- Again, the whole, wants to be part of another world than the one she's already in, curious and cute, a little bit naive at times. And I know this technically might not count, but I really want to see Jodi Benson take a crack at Aerith's voice. 23 years later and the woman still sounds like the sweet little mermaid we fell in love with from the start, and if you don't believe me watch this . Mandy Moore did good yet a lot of people seem to hate her performance in KH1, and personally, I completely dislike (not hate, extremely extremely dislike) the job Mena's done in everything, I'm sorry, Mena made her sound like a monotonous robot. I'd really love to see Jodi try her hand at Aerith someday, but alas, it'll probably never happen ;^;
3) Esmeralda- I'm certain this is one not many people would think about. Like Esmeralda, Aerith has 'street smarts' or so she claims many times in Wall Market, headstrong (in a good way), and certainly not afraid to show her flirtatious side. Then we get to the darker side of things, ( this is going to be unrelated to the actual game but to my AU FF7 ). She's the object of obsession and desire to Rufus Shinra (later in the story, not from the beginning) much like Esmeralda is to Frollo. The simple plan to capture her to find the Promised Land like his father wanted, slowly morphing into a dark twisted lust for her, making him want to capture her to do just that, but instead of breeding her to another endangered creature (like Hojo, yuck) or a Shin-Ra scientist, taking matters into his own hands and doing the deed himself. In the Disney rendition of HoND, even though it's a children's movie, it's easy to see that Frollo doesn't want Esmeralda to just look at her and think she's pretty (come on people!) No, he goes mad trying to hunt her down, and even wants to kill her when she rejects him. On an unrelated note, the opening of the movie 'Bells of Notre Dame' the scene where Quasi's mother is running from the guards and Frollo on horseback always reminds me of Ifalna, when she escaped Shin-Ra and the guards pursued her, much like Quasi's mother, killing her in the process.
4) Pocahontas- They both are very in touch with nature, and have a deep connection to planet, Pocahontas in a spiritual way, and Aerith in the fact she can hear it. They both understand that they have duties and loyalties to their races, Pocahontas to her tribe and Aerith to her Cetra heritage, but both choose to listen to their hearts at the same time. They're both strong-willed women, with big hearts, unafraid to say what they think or stand up for what they feel is right. Actually, in a way they both sort of speak with the spirits of the earth, like in the beginning where Pocahontas is telling Grandmother Willow about her dream, the spirits tell her that somethings coming, and sure enough, the English ships are arriving. So far I think Pocahontas was the easiest to write about, because I didn't need to bring up many examples for the things we already know :)

Anyway, those are the reasons I think these Disney gals represent Aerith the most :meow:
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Ardwynna-Morrigu Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Two of my favorite things come together! It's lovely. I love the coloring.
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013   Writer
AWESOME! This gives me some ideas involving Aerith and Cloud now thanks. :D
M-Ichihara1594 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Cute! nicely done.
CaliforniaBabeWV Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
OMGOSHHH! This is sooo gorgeous! I would love to see larger versions. I think my fav are Belle and Pocahontas! You should do Rapunzel sometime, as well! they are REALLY alike!
IllusionedTime Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Actually, I had the same thoughts for all of them. But my thought for Esmeralda was more about Sephiroth instead of Rufus. I can definitely see your side, though, and I quite like it.
ayumi01 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
VERY WELL SAID :iconcryforeverplz:
AssiralSama Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
I loved the Pocahontas :heart:
AssiralSama Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Pucaroo16 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
hehe i agree :D
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